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The Unified Carrier Registration is a federally mandated registry for companies that conduct interstate commerce within the United States. In essence, it is a database that stores fleet information about interstate companies that is made accessible to the states participating in the program. This allows states access to records from companies who are not registered in that state. The idea behind the UCR is that it provides a centralized clearinghouse where states can share information with each other to conduct compliance enforcement on vehicles moving through a state, regardless of origin or destination.

In many ways, the UCR is similar to other base-state programs (like IRP or IFTA), but unlike those programs, registration is completed through, and administered by the FMCSA. And unlike IRP or IFTA, there is no state level equivalent of ‘trip permits’ which would allow interstate commerce without the UCR registration. Further, unlike IRP or IFTA, once the yearly fee for UCR has been paid, addendums are NOT required should more vehicles be added to a fleet.

The registration fees for UCR 2022 are based on fleet size, and are broken down into 6 brackets, as follows:

# # of vehicles Fee
B1 0-2 Vehicles $59
B2 3-5 Vehicles $176
B3 6-20 Vehicles $351
B4 21-100 Vehicles $1,224
B5 101-1,000 Vehicles $5,835
B6 1,000+ Vehicles $61,995

Registration for UCR begins October 1st and ends December 31st for the FOLLOWING calendar year (i.e. pay for 2022 in 2021).

Go to or call (240) 544-0882 to speak with a UCR specialist who can assist you in completing this important registration.