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CDL Driver Employee Safety Policy

Required for all FMCSA regulated CDL employees

CDL Employee Policy

Per 49 CFR § 385.3 and 49 CFR § 385.7, all companies engaged in interstate commerce must have in place a series of Safety Management Controls, which are the systems, policies programs, practices, and procedures used by a motor carrier to ensure compliance with applicable safety regulations.

Having a company safety policy is the first step in creating effective Safety Management Controls.

However, if a safety policy is not enforced, it will serve no value to the company, and will not assist in FMCSA Audits or Compliance Reviews. On the other hand, if a company can demonstrate actionable enforcement of its safety policies, this will assist the company as it seeks to improve its safety scores and/or its safety rating.

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Regulation Overview

Name: FMCSA Regulated Employee Policy

Regulation Code: 49 CFR § 385.3 and 49 CFR § 385.7

Due Date: Prior to Employement

Requirement: Mandatory

Who is it for?: Every CDL Driver

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