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Unified Carrier Registration


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  • Final Federal Deadline: April 5, 2018*
    *Note: some states may require earlier/immediate filings due to the new deadline being delayed by 90 days

  • Cost (guaranteed lowest fees in the industry):
    Vehicles UCR Fee Service Fee Total Cost
    0 - 2 $69 $20 $89
    3 - 5 $206 $25 $231
    6 - 20 $410 $30 $440
    21 - 100 $1431 $35 $1466
  • Service Fee: The service fee is the processing fee for filing the UCR with the U.S. DOT. It is separate from the UCR that the government (DOT) collects directly from you.

  • How to Pay the UCR? We make UCR filings very easy, safe and secure. Complete the online application or call our agents to pay over the phone: (215) 618 - 8600.

    Upon of completion of this online application, you will receive 3 email confirmations:
    1. A copy of the application that you will have submitted (the application below) including a unique confirmation number
    2. Receipt for the payments (processing fee)
    3. Once the DOT approves your application and collects the UCR fee, a third email will be sent with a final confirmation attesting to the completion of your 2018 UCR


" all motor carriers with an active DOT number engaged in interstate commerce must pay the UCR "

Caution against overpriced and false UCR fees

Be cautious against agencies overcharging for the UCR or quoting a UCR fee that is higher than the official UCR filing fee displayed in the table above. These companies incorporate their high markups (high service fees) into the total UCR fee to make large profits. They will give you a final number claiming it to be the UCR fee, where in fact it is the UCR with a very high service of theirs on top of it.


Our service fee for UCR are as transparent as possible. Unlike many agents who will conceal their high service fees within the UCR government fee We don't inflate our prices. We openly disclose how much you are paying to the government, we openly break down the fees so that you can see how much the DOT is charging your company for the UCR and how much it costs to file the UCR (the filing fee).

Our company was founded on the pillars of bringing back respect and dignity to the transportation industry so vastly abused by scams and insane fees.


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